Tini Thomsen’s MaxSax to play at North Sea Jazz Festival – Saturday July 14th


A MaxSaxperformance swings, surprises, rocks and energises and over the last year has been electrifying Concert Hall and festival audiences across Europe.

This all-star ensemble is led by award winning composer and saxophonist Tini Thomsen– baritone sax, and comprises Tom Trapp– guitar, Mark Haanstra– bass, Joost Kroon– drums and Nigel Hitchcock(Incognito, Mark Knopfler) – alto saxophone. 

The ingredients are simple yet effective: all-out effort, dedication and virtuosity from each band member whether delivering their trademark driving grooves, catchy melodies and high energy solo bursts or laying right back on delicate, soulful ballads.

Cruise along with the melodic adrenalin rush of MaxSax and marvel at Tini, one of the few saxophonists in the world who can make this instrument sound like true rock ‘n’ roll.

“A magnificent sound from her baritone sax – virtuosity combined with energy, devotion and spirit”

“She’ll be playing all over the world. It’s hardly possible to make a saxophone sound any more rock-‘n-roll.”
Die Zeit

“Why didn´t anyone come up with this earlier?”